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“Letter form the world” from Austria: interview to Peter Engelmann

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Peter Engelmann is one of the most important european philosopher and intellectual. He was born in East Berlin, where he also studied philosophy. After he was jailed for political reasons, he was able to escape in Vie...

“Letter form the world” from Yemen, by Eleonora Ardemagni.

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Eleonora Ardemagni is an international relations analyst specialized in the Middle East. She is a contributor at AffarInternazionali, Aspenia, ISPI (Italian Institute for International Political Studies), Storia Urban...

“Letter from the world” from Idomeni. By Francesco Moisés Bassano

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Francesco Moisés Bassano is a student of humanities at the University of Pisa. He collaborates with Pagine Ebraiche and with the related newsletter, his interests focuses mainly on the Jewish world and other...

“Letter from the world” from Jerusalem: In memory of Shimon Peres, by Sergio Della Pergola

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Sergio Della Pergola is an Italian-born Israeli professor and demographic expert, widely acknowledged as the leading authority in demography and statistics related to the Jewish population all over the world. Born int...

“Letter from the world” from Libya, by Claudia Gazzini

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  As Crisis Group’s senior analyst for Libya, Claudia Gazzini works with other members of the Middle East & North Africa team to research and produce reports on security, conflict, politics, governance, an...

“Letter from the world” from Spain: interview to Joan-Ramon Laporte

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Joan-Ramon Laporte es profesor de Farmacología y Terapéutica en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Dirige el Instituto Catalán de Farmacología, Centro Colaborador de la OMS para la Formación y la Investigación en F...

“Letter from the world” on Brexit, by Mel Schlein.

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Melvin Schlein was Assistant Director of the Bologna Center of the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University from 1969 to 1973. His areas of specialization include: European politics, intern...

“Letter from the world” on Islamic State, by Maurizio Molinari

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Maurizio  Mmolinari is one of the most important italian journalist. He studied at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Manchester College of Oxford. Journalist since 1984, he was  corrispondent for several years fro...

“Letter from the world”, from Vatican City. By Mons. Franco Buzzi

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Mons. Franco Buzzi is the Prefect of Biblioteca Ambrosiana. He studied Theology and Philosophy in Milan, Rome and Munich. He is a recognized international expert of german thought from Luther to german Idealism. He re...

“Letter from the world”: USA Elections 2016. By Dario Fabbri.

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Dario Fabbri is an italian journalist and international analyst. He is editorial advisor of "Limes" and collaborator of "Conflits", geopolitic french review . He's also member of the "Italian society of militar studie...

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