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#letterfromtheworld on China-Hong Kong relationships, by Giorgio Cuscito.

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Giorgio Cuscito is a geopolitical analyst focused on China, Editorial Board member at Limes - Italian Review of Geopolitics and contributor at Aspenia and MacroGeo. For Limes, he runs “Bollettino Imperiale” (Imperial ...

#letterfromtheworld: Mel Schlein on britain vote 2017

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Melvin Schlein was Assistant Director of the Bologna Center of the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University from 1969 to 1973. His areas of specialization include: European politics, intern...

#letterfromtheworld: Cinzia Bianco on anti-Qatar pact.

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Cinzia Bianco is an analyst and researcher focused on the international relations and on the politics and security of the Gulf region. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Middle East and Mediterranean Studies from Ki...

#letterfromtheworld from Istanbul, by Daniele Santoro

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Daniele Santoro is an italian political analyst based in Turkey. He is collaborator of the italian review of geopolitic Limes. @danyistanbul Facebook

#letterfromtheworld: Riccardo Pennisi on Dutch Elections 2017

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Riccardo Pennisi is a European political analyst, focusing on public policy and political communications. He has previously carried out studies on democratization and EU enlargement. He has worked with the Assembly of...

#letterfromtheworld: Interview to Paola Di Marzo on Poland.

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Paola Di Marzo got a MA Degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs at the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus, and she studied at the Institute of International Relations in Warsaw as exchange student. H...

“Letter from the world”: USA Elections 2016. By Dario Fabbri.

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Dario Fabbri is an italian journalist and international analyst. He is editorial advisor of "Limes" and collaborator of "Conflits", geopolitic french review . He's also member of the "Italian society of militar studie...

“Letter from the world”, from Vatican City. By Mons. Franco Buzzi

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Mons. Franco Buzzi is the Prefect of Biblioteca Ambrosiana. He studied Theology and Philosophy in Milan, Rome and Munich. He is a recognized international expert of german thought from Luther to german Idealism. He re...

“Letter from the world” from Jerusalem: In memory of Shimon Peres, by Sergio Della Pergola

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Sergio Della Pergola is an Italian-born Israeli professor and demographic expert, widely acknowledged as the leading authority in demography and statistics related to the Jewish population all over the world. Born int...

Burkini sì o burkini no?

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Olivia Guaraldo is Associated professor in political philosophy at the University of Verona. Her filed of research comprises modern and contemporary political thought. She has worked extensively on Hannah Arendt thoug...

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