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Miriam Camerini was born in Jerusalem on Purim night of 1983. Theatre director, performer and playwright, Miriam grew up in Milan, where she got a degree in German Theatre discussing a thesis on G. E. Lessing’s play Nathan the wise (2007). She then worked as assistant director at Zurich’s Opera theatre, Venice’s La Fenice Theatre and at Budapest’s Golem Theatre as guest director. Miriam studied Talmud at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, where she later worked as producer and assistant director for the Jerusalem Theatre Company. Back in Milan, Miriam writes and stages plays and theatrical performances dealing with Jewish themes, such as Shabbat (Mantova, Festivaletteratura, 2013), Pesach (Jewish and the City, 2014), The Golem (Milan, 2008 – 2013), German Jewish poet Else Lasker – Schüler (2012 – 2015), Chouchani (2005 – 2015) and many others. Miriam works and has worked in formal and informal Jewish education and is very active in interfaith dialogue: she lectures and writes on Jewish topics all over Italy and Europe. Her life project is to open a Jewish Theatre in Milan.

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