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#instantbook: “Le rêve et ses interprétations en Islam”, by Pierre Lory

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Do you want to buy the book? Click here: book. Pierre Lory is a world-renowned Islamic scholar. He is Directeur d'études à l'École pratique des hautes études in Paris, where he teaches islamic mystical. He also dir...

The return of the dead in psychotherapy (FR)

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Giampaolo Lai is a MD and a Psychoanalyst, Full Member of the International Psychoanalytical Association. In his studies, word (parola, logos) has lost its reference value and has assumed the function of making ...

Genesis and development of Islamic civilization (IT)

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Yahya Sergio Yahe Pallavicini is vice president of COREIS ( Islamic religious Communitiy in Italy) and Imam of the al-Wahid mosque of Milano. He is one of the founders of the Imam, Rabbis and Christian for peace at UN...

“Letter from the world” from Jerusalem: In memory of Shimon Peres, by Sergio Della Pergola

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Sergio Della Pergola is an Italian-born Israeli professor and demographic expert, widely acknowledged as the leading authority in demography and statistics related to the Jewish population all over the world. Born int...

#Instantbook: Salvatore Natoli presenta “Il rischio di fidarsi”

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Do you want to buy the book? Click here: book. Salvatore Natoli is one of the most important italian philosophers of last decades. Born in Patti (Sicily) in 1942, Natoli studied Philosophy at Università Cattolica S...

#IncontriLechLechà: “La fratellanza nella tradizione biblica. Caino e Abele”, di Davide Assael.

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Vuoi acquistare il libro? Clicca qui: La fratellanza nelle tradizione biblica. Caino e Abele. La fratellanza nella tradizione biblica. Giacobbe Esaù. Presentazione del libro La fratellanza nella tradizione bibli...

“Letter from the world” on Greece crisis

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Lech Lechà interviews Lucio Caracciolo on Greece crisis. Prof. Caracciolo is one of the greatest european expert on geopolitical matters. He's the Director of the italian journal, "Limes", one of the most read in Eur...

Instant book: “Da fuori. Una filosofia per l’Europa” (Einaudi 2016) by Roberto Esposito

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Do you want to buy this book with a big discount? Click here: Da fuori. Una filosofia per l'Europa Roberto Esposito is one of the most significant philosophical contemporary voice. He was born in Naples where he gr...

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