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#IncontriLechLechà: “La fratellanza nella tradizione biblica. Caino e Abele”, di Davide Assael.

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Vuoi acquistare il libro? Clicca qui: La fratellanza nelle tradizione biblica. Caino e Abele. La fratellanza nella tradizione biblica. Giacobbe Esaù. Presentazione del libro La fratellanza nella tradizione bibli...

#instantbook: Gérerd Haddad presents “Le complexe de Caïn” (Premier Parallelle, 2017)

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Do you want to buy the books? Click here:  book. Gérard Haddad is a french psychoanalyst and psychiatrist. He was born in Tunisia in 1940 and studied to became an agricultural engineer. In 1969, he began with Jacqu...

#InstantBook: Guido Bianchini presenta, “L’inquietudine dell’Altro. Ebraismo e cristianesimo”

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Do you want to buy the book? Click here: Book. Guido Bianchini graduated in Philosophy at the University of Salerno. Scholar of the italian philosopher Vincenzo Vitiello, he deepened the Pauline thought and the que...

#InstantBook: Michael Ascoli presenta il Trattato Ta’anit

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Vuoi acquistare il Trattato Ta'anit? Clicca qui: link. Michael Ascoli è rabbino e project manager. Nato a Roma, vive a Haifa dal 2010. È curatore del Trattato Ta'anit.

#InstantBook: Sara Ferrari presenta “Poeti e poesie nella Bibbia”

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Do yu want to buy the book? Click here: Book. Sara Ferrari teaches Hebrew language and culture at the University of Milan and Biblical Hebrew at the Protestant Cultural Center of the same city. She deals with moder...

#InstantBook: Sara Gabbai presents “Les Tribus d’Israel hier et aujourd’hui”

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Do you want to buy the book? Click here: book. Born in Alexandria (Egypt), educated in a French school, moved to Milan, workedvat the French Institute and Garzanti editor, School of Journalism. Have been journalist...

#InstantBook: Shulim Vogelmann presenta “LTI. La lingua del Terzo Reich. Taccuino di un filologo”

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Tuo acquistare il libro, clicca qui: LTI. Shulim Vogelmann è nato a Firenze nel 1978. Nel 2002 si è laureato in Storia all'Università Ebraica di Gerusalemme. Ha fondato la collana Israeliana per la Giuntina traduce...

#LechLechàVideo: Rosh Hashanah

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Rabbi Mendi Kaplan is a chabad canadian rabbi, who lives in Italy since many years. He's the chief rabbi of the Synagogue "Centro Modena" in Milan.

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