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Introduction to islamic philosophy

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Biography Sari Nusseibeh is a palestinian professor of Philosophy. Born in Damascus in 1949, he studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics in Oxford and, in 1978, took a Ph.D in Islamic Philosophy at Harvard Univer...

Shiism and sunnism in the History of Islam (EN)

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Morris Mottale's main teaching and research interests are in international relations, comparative politics, Middle Eastern politics, international political economy, strategic studies, energy, and mass communication. ...

#LechLechaVideo: Interview to Oktar Babuna

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Dr. Babuna is a celebrated neurosurgeon, lecturer and a TV presenter He has lectured in more than 1000 conferences on Islam and science in major universities and academic places, including those in USA, United Kingdom...

#InstantBook: Faouzia Farida Charfi presents “La science voilée”.

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Do you want to buy the book? Click here: Book. Faouzia Farida Charfi is a tunisian physicist and politician. She studied Physics at theUniversity of Paris and in Tunis. Since 1964 to 1966, she thought at the École ...

#InstantBook: Paola Cavallari presenta, “Non sono la costola di nessuno. Letture sul peccato di Eva”

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Vuoi acquistare il libro? Clicca qui! Paola Cavalleri è nata a Bologna nel 1950. Ha conseguito la laurea in Filosofia all’Università della sua città , con una tesi su "Associazioni libere in psicanalisi", con il pr...

The interreligious dialogue for Islam (En)

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Yahya Sergio Yahe Pallavicini is vice president of COREIS ( Islamic religious Communitiy in Italy) and Imam of the al-Wahid mosque of Milano. He is one of the founders of the Imam, Rabbis and Christian for peace at UN...

#IndaginiLechLecha: “L’accordo fra Israele e Emirati Arabi Uniti”

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Sergio Della Pergola è un docente israeliano di origine italiana. Demografo di fama internazionale, è ampiamente riconosciuto come la principale autorità nella demografia e nelle statistiche relative alla popolazion...

#InstantBook: Luciana Capretti presenta “La jihad delle donne”

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Do you want to buy the book? Click here: Book. Luciana Capretti is an italian journalist and writer. She was born in Tripoli (Libya). She studied in Rome and was corresponded journalist from New York for 20 years. ...

#ReviewsFromTheWorld: Federico Petroni presenta “Limes” 1/18

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Do you want this Lime issue? Click here: Limes Limes is the Italian Geopolitical Review, a monthly magazine, and the leading Italian publication on foreign affairs. Every issue is based on a specific case study, wi...

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