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#AfricaProject: Cornelia Isabelle Toelgyes on Erithrea.

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Cornelia Isabelle Toelgyes was born in Germany on 1957. She lived in many african countries (Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola). During her african life, she collaborated with many local Associations. Since 2013, she w...

#InstantBook: “Meditazione spontanea. Il caso Thomas Merton”

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Vuoi comprare il libro? Clicca qui. Maciej Bielawski è nato in Polonia ed ha insegnato in numerose università in tutto il mondo. È filosofo, teologo e esperto delle tradizioni mistiche. Ha scritto più di 20 libri i...


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Link 1: Haggadah di Pesach illustrata da Emanuele Luzzati. Haim Baharier è uno dei più importanti interpreti biblici contemporanei. Nato a Parigi nel 1947, ha studiato con Emmanuel Levinas e Leòn Ashkenazy (Manitou...

#LechLechaVideo: Interview to Oktar Babuna

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Dr. Babuna is a celebrated neurosurgeon, lecturer and a TV presenter He has lectured in more than 1000 conferences on Islam and science in major universities and academic places, including those in USA, United Kingdom...

#InstantBook: “Strannik. Spiritualità del pellegrino russo”, di Maciej Bielawski.

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Maciej Bielawski was born in Poland and taught in several universities all around the world. He's a philosopher and theologian and an expert of mystical thought. He wrote more than 20 books in many languages. He's als...

#LetterFromTheWorld: Giorgio Cuscito sul nuovo potere cinese

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Giorgio Cuscito is Limes editorial advisor, analyst, scholar of Chinese geopolitics and curator of the "Bollettino Imperiale". On Twitter: @giorgiocus   For a deeper analysis look at this article of Giorgio...

#FuoriFestivalAmeliaCiclopica: “La vita non è il male”, di Gabriella Caramore e Maurizio Ciampa

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Per acquistare il libro ad un prezzo vantaggioso, andate qui: La vita non è il male. @AmeliaCiclopica e @AssLechLecha inaugurano il #FuoriFestivalAmeliaCiclopica con la presentazione de, La vita non è il male (Sala...

#LetterFromTheWorld da Mosca

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Fulvio Scaglione is an italian journalist. He has been correspondent from Moscow where he followed the transition of Russia and the  Soviet republics, then Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. He published “Bye Bye ...

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