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#AfricaProject: Cornelia Isabelle Toelgyes on Erithrea.

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Cornelia Isabelle Toelgyes was born in Germany on 1957. She lived in many african countries (Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola). During her african life, she collaborated with many local Associations. Since 2013, she w...

#AfricaProject: Focus on Libya, by Alice Alunni.

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Biography Alice Alunni is a PhD Candidate at the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University. Her PhD research focuses on theories of nationalism, diaspora and civil society in the Arab Worl...

#LetterFromTheWorld from Mogadiscio, by Layla Yusuf

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Layla Yusuf was born in Mogadishu and ex-professor of the Somali National University.She came to Italy in 1990 with a scholarship at the University of Padova and she took a Master Degree from "UNIBO" in Industrial Che...

#LetterFromTheWorld: Alessia Melcangi su Libia e migranti

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Alessia Melcangi è docente a contratto di Storia contemporanea del Nord Africa e del Medio Oriente e di Globalizzazione e Relazioni Internazionali presso il Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali ed Economiche dell’Universit...

#ReviewsFromTheWorld: Luca Puddu presenta Limes 11/2017

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Do you like Limes? Subscribe here: Limes Limes is the Italian Geopolitical Review, a monthly magazine, and the leading Italian publication on foreign affairs. Every issue is based on a specific case study, with con...

#AfricaProject: focus on Kenya, by Franco Nofori

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Franco Nofori was born in Turin (Italy) but since 1983 I live in Kenya. As a freelance Journalist, I’ve cooperated with many Italian newspapers with reportages related to the African continent. From the year  2000, fo...

#LetterFromTheWorld: Federico Petroni sulla crisi libica.

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Federico Petroni è un analista geopolitico. Consigliere redazionale di Limes, è anche responsabile del Limes Club Bologna e co-fondatore di iMerica. Su twitter: @FedericoPetroni Federico Petroni is a geopolitical a...