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Massimo Cacciari was born in Venezia in 1944. He took his degree in Padua and teached many years in Venice. Member of italian Parliament from 1976 to 1983, he is part of many philosophical european institutions. He was mayor of Venice and principal of Faculty of Philosophy of Università “Vita Salute” of San Raffaele in Milano. he founded many philosophical and cultural reviews: Angelus Novus (1964-1974) a “Contropiano” (1968-1971), a Laboratorio politico (1980-1985) a Il Centauro (1980-1985) fino a Paradosso (1992). Among his sveral books, we remember: Da Loos a Wittgenstein, Officina, 1975; Krisis, Feltrinelli 1976; Pensiero negativo e razionalizzazione, Marsilio editori 1977; Dallo Steinhof, Adelphi 1980; Icone della legge, Adelphi 1985; L’angelo necessario, Adelphi 1986; Dell’inizio, Adelphi 1990; Geo-filosofia dell’Europa, Adelphi 1994; Arcipelago, Adelphi 1997; Della cosa ultima, Milano 2004.

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