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Death in Tibetan Buddhism (IT)

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Fabio Risolo is a poet and essayist. Born in 1958 in Naples (Italy) he is the Principal of Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Da Vinci - Fermi" of Arcidosso. Since 15 years, he follows the Dzogchen teaching of tibetan ...

#LetterFromTheWorld: Giorgio Cuscito sul nuovo potere cinese

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Giorgio Cuscito is Limes editorial advisor, analyst, scholar of Chinese geopolitics and curator of the "Bollettino Imperiale". On Twitter: @giorgiocus   For a deeper analysis look at this article of Giorgio...

#InstantBook: Massimo Cacciari presenta “Generare Dio”

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Do you want to buy the book? Click here: Generare Dio. Biography Massimo Cacciari was born in Venezia in 1944. He took his degree in Padua and taught many years in Venice. Member of italian Parliament from 1976 ...

#Reviewsfromtheworld: Maria Luisa Fantappie presents “Limes” 7/2017

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Do you like Limes? Subscribe here: Limes is the Italian Geopolitical Review, a monthly magazine, and the leading Italian publication on foreign affairs. Every issue is based on a specific case study...

#InstantBook: Adriana Cavarero presenta “Platone”

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Per acquistare il libro, clicca qui: Libro Adriana Cavarero è una delle maggiori filosofe contemporanee. Docente per lungo tempo all'Università di Verona, è stata tra le protagoniste del pensiero femminile italiano...

#AfricaProject: Focus on Libya, by Alice Alunni.

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Biography Alice Alunni is a PhD Candidate at the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University. Her PhD research focuses on theories of nationalism, diaspora and civil society in the Arab Worl...

#LetterFromTheWorld da Mosca

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Fulvio Scaglione is an italian journalist. He has been correspondent from Moscow where he followed the transition of Russia and the  Soviet republics, then Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. He published “Bye Bye ...

#LetterFromTheWorld: Lorenzo Baravalle sulle elezioni politiche brasiliane 2018

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Laureato in Filosofia a Torino sotto la guida di Maurizio Ferraris, Lorenzo Baravalle ha lavorato in vari esteri. Specializzato in Filosofia della biologia evolutiva, è ora professore associato di Filosofia della scie...

#LetterFromTheWorld: Morris Mottale commenta il vertice di Singapore

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Morris Mottale's main teaching and research interests are in international relations, comparative politics, Middle Eastern politics, international political economy, strategic studies, energy, and mass communication. ...

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