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Cornelia Isabelle Toelgyes was born in Germany on 1957. She lived in many african countries (Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola). During her african life, she collaborated with many local Associations. Since 2013, she writes on the online newspaper Since 2014, she is the deputy editor of the same newspaper. She follows the immigration problems, particularly about migrants from Erithrea.

Some articles of Cornelia Isabelle Toelgyes about the Erithrea:

Article 1Article 2, Article 3, Article 4.



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  • Tambwe Musimbi Joseph 5 years ago

    J’ai connu, en ligne, Cornellia, il y a seulement 3 ans.

    Je la suis chaque jour, +/- chaque 30 minute ou 1h, elle une information, un article ou une histoire qu’elle met au profit du public.

    Je la suis instantanement, apres verification des faits, ses publications sont toujours correctes.